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On May the 20th Our very own Vet Nurse Sophie flew to Thailand on her first ever overseas trip!
She spent her trip volunteering at an elephant rescue centre for a week called Wildlife Friends Foundation.

Their aim; to save and nurture mistreated Wildlife!

My week at WLFF!
Well let’s start by saying it was hot!!

 Our Day started at 6:00 am everyday where we were assigned to an Elephant to care for the day, there is 13 of them so with around 50 volunteers, 4 people get assigned to one.
Our main duties were to feed theses amazing creatures, by making banana balls  3 times a day (these are made up of mushed up banana, bran powder and elephant kibble) Every Elephant is given banana trees three to four times daily and fresh fruit on a daily basis!

During the day their enclosures are cleaned, (which means yes, picking up elephant faeces). The afternoon was the fun part where we got to wash and walk them!!
Each day I was assigned to a new elephant, and each one had its own amazing individual personality and a sad back story.


Have you ever wondered why Elephants are so obedient? Well here is you’re answer, the domestic elephant population is sadly made up of animals that have been caught from the wild or bred in captivity. These animals have been trained/broken to live and work in the tourist or logging industry.

What Wildlife Friends are doing to help?
This amazing rescue group has taken the time to rescue then re-bond with theses elephants to give them another chance at life, many have been used in the tourism industry for trekking (riding on the back), in the circus or using for begging on the streets in Asian countries.
So if you are ever going overseas to ride an elephant, please don’t! There are many rescue centres over the country that you can still get hands on experience without riding them.

Being at WLFF has opened my eyes to the amazing work that theses rescue groups are doing! And my only regret is not staying for longer. I recommend anyone that wants to volunteer to look into this place! 


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