Pet Insurance

Pet Insurance

We are big believers in pet insurance and recommend all pets have it.
Pet insurance provides you with the security that you will never have to decide between money and your beloved pet.

when it comes down to it, you will know you have done everything you can for your pet.

We suggest you insure your pet as young as possible, even organise it before you pick them up, to avoid having pre-existing conditions on their policy that the insurance company won’t cover. The older your pet, the more pre-existing conditions they may develop.

Pet insurance is aimed so that you are covered if something should happen to your pet and you don’t necessarily have the money ready to help them.

Pet insurance for the most part, covers your pet for medical emergencies, accidental injury and those unexpected diseases. Some policies cover preventative care such as routine vaccination and parasites prevention.

Things you need to know:

Most companies will cover 80% of the total claim.

You can choose to have an excess or none at all, they can vary from $0 up to $500.
Generally the excess is per condition.

Always read the fine print when choosing a policy as some company’s won’t cover certain things for certain breeds.


Client Experiences 

 "Flippa the boxer was young and healthy with no known health problems, one day she had an unexpected spinal injury it was diagnosed as FCE (Fibrocartilaginous Embolic Myelopathy) 
There was no way we could of prevented her from having this injury she was rushed to the local vet where they sedated her and took x-rays for $400 and we were told there was nothing they could do so we went to a specialist where she was hospitalised and more test were preformed including CT scans and blood test our bill was $7000 and the costs just kept coming in. 
Luckily we had some money saved up to buy a house so we were able to do everything possible for her.
 Every day we wish we had pet insurance for her.
When we decided to add another puppy to the family we were prepared and had organised insurance for her before we even picked her up." 

Jacqueline from Edithvale

"We got our first pet ever Leo the cat, and everyone told us to not bother about getting pet insurance that it was a waste of money, but we decided to get it anyway after 3 years of never making a claim we thought we were wasting our money and considered cancelling it but we didn’t and thank goodness we didn’t when Leo was 4 he was diagnosed with congestive heart failure he needed ongoing medication, regular blood tests, x-rays and the list never ends, we defiantly got our money’s worth in the end, we went with a cover that had a $250 excess per condition, so once we paid our first $250 we were getting 100% back for every visit and medication related to the heart condition.  Unfortunately Leo passed away just after his 6th birthday, we haven’t got another pet yet but when we do we will insure him."
Sarah from Murrumbeena


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  • "The experience we had with Progressive Vet Care was outstanding. Both Dr Tim and the other staff members were efficient and helpful. Also very compassionate towards our dog Millie when she was desexed and afterward care. Soon we will need to take her for her vaccinations. There is definitely no other place I will take my Millie. Well done guys and many thanks."
  • "We were very happy with Progressive Vet Care. Dr Tim was very thorough and even called up four days later to check on the progress of our whippet after his treatment and advise. I am going to bring all my animals to this vet clinic in future."