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X-rays are not just for broken bones! X-rays can help us diagnose heart disease, ingestion of foreign objects and give us valuable information about our pets organs.

At Progressive Vet care We use the latest digital x-ray technology.

Digital x-rays are the better option for your pet. Digital X-ray’s allow us to take less x-rays before obtaining a good quality image meaning less stress and time in the clinic for your pet.
We can also give you a digital copy of your pets images or forwarded them on to specialist if needed.

Depending on what area needs to be x-rayed, your pet may require sedation on the day of the x-rays. We can discuss this with you, when your pet is booked in, in case fasting is required prior to the test.


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Read What Our Clients Say

  • "The experience we had with Progressive Vet Care was outstanding. Both Dr Tim and the other staff members were efficient and helpful. Also very compassionate towards our dog Millie when she was desexed and afterward care. Soon we will need to take her for her vaccinations. There is definitely no other place I will take my Millie. Well done guys and many thanks."
  • "We were very happy with Progressive Vet Care. Dr Tim was very thorough and even called up four days later to check on the progress of our whippet after his treatment and advise. I am going to bring all my animals to this vet clinic in future."